The Cumberland Valley: One of the Birthplaces

of Fly Fishing and Streamkeeping in America

Riverkeeper: Brook Trout

The Cumberland Valley was one of the birthplaces of both fly fishing and streamkeeping in America. The reason for this appears to be the type of streams found in the area.  The unique geology of the area known as Karst localizes groundwater drainage and creates some of theRiverkeeper: English fishing largest limestone spring creeks in the East.  These streams would become legendary in the history of fly fishing and in the approaches to streamkeeping in America.  Because these streams were so similar to the English Chalk streams articles were written about these famous American streams in the 1930’s in English fishing publications.

These waters shared many parallels from equipment development to methods in fishing because of the selectivity of the fish.  
See photographically part of the storied history of fly fishing and streamkeeping in the Cumberland Valley because the two cannot really be separated.


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