The Cumberland Valley: One of the Birthplaces

of Fly Fishing and Streamkeeping in America



The Art of Streamkeeping or Riverkeeping on the Letort Spring Run in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In the tradition of English Riverkeeping, Charlie Fox sets up gravel areas to increase the spawning of brown trout. Circa 1969-1970. Photo by Irv Swope.

Riverkeeper: Stream Work





After a flyfishing trip to England Vince Marinaro brought back waters from the English Chalkstreams. In this storied act Marinaro “Marries the Waters” from the English Chalkstreams to the fabled Letort Spring Run. Photo by Irv Swope

Riverkeeper: Vince Marrying the Waters











Riverkeeper: Ron From England


An English Riverkeeper was brought over to consult with Charlie Fox and other members of the local TU chapter on cress problems in the Letort. circa 1979-1980. Photo by Dave Williams III










Riverkeeper: From Bridge


Riverkeeping in the Cumberland Valley as shown here when these fly anglers decided to discuss a little “riverkeeping” with the professionals. Photo by Left Kreh.








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