We need your tax deductible contributions and grants.  We have various ways of membership in The Last River and Gamekeeper.  What do you get for your membership and donations?  First you don't get a fancy magazine and you don't get a bureaucracy that will waste your contribution or membership.  We have seen this happen a bit too much especially with so called national environmental organizations. Each month you will receive or newsletter by email (pdf file).  You will also receive a cd-rom in the future of our special nature screensavers (sorry for windows only).

You will get scientists and people trying to do their best in studying, analyzing, biomonitoring, and protecting our nation's waters and land.  You will get research and help for citizens' groups and people who are being trampled by our system.  You will get the satisfaction of knowing your money was not wasted.

Basic Membership:  $20.00 per year;

Sponsor Membership: $100.00 per year. 

Corporate or Business Membership: $500.00

Order of The Last River and Gamekeeper:  $1000.00 or greater to this group which includes our Roundtable of Donors, Scientists, and Helpers.

We are also in need of specific funds for equipment such as microscopes, and chemicals.

Your donations and membership are tax deductible.  They can be sent to:


The Last River and Gamekeeper Inc.

C/O  E. Macri

Box 877

Waynesboro PA 17268

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: gene@riverandgamekeeper.org