The Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture


The Eastern Brook Trout Initiative (Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture) from www.brookie.org :


The Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture (EBTJV) is the nation's first pilot project under the National Fish Habitat Initiative, which directs locally-driven efforts that build private and public partnerships to improve fish habitat.  The long-term goals of the EBTJV are to develop a comprehensive restoration and education strategy to improve aquatic habitat, to raise education awareness, and to raise federal, state and local funds for brook trout conservation.

In 2005, in recognition of the need to address regional and range-wide threats to brook trout, a group of public and private entities formed the EBTJV to halt the decline of brook trout and restore fishable populations.  The group spearheaded a range-wide assessment of brook trout populations and threats to brook trout and brook trout habitat in the Eastern United States (report forthcoming).  Seventeen states are currently drafting strategies to prioritize policy changes and on-the-ground actions to improve water quality and restore brook trout habitat and populations in their individual state using locally-driven, incentive-based, and non-regulatory programs.


Sounds great doesn't it?  Unfortunately, what sounds good on paper doesn't usually work in the scientific universe and this Joint Venture is no exception.  There are a number of reasons which I will elaborate on in the future but here are the two most glaring:

  1. Where's the funding coming from since most state agencies are understaffed and under funded now.
  2. Perhaps it would be best to analyze why the streams were destroyed in the first place and what conditions at the federal, state, and local level led to their destruction.

The Last River and Gamekeeper will be an integral part of this venture.  If anyone wishes to help financially please contact us at once.

(Read the article on our recent efforts in the (Chambersburg Public Opinion)


Gene Macri

Aquatic and Environmental Scientist