Brief Bio of Eugene Macri


Eugene Macri is a noted aquatic and environmental scientist.  Macri was part of the landmark pro bono study with Dr. Jack Black of Buffalo, New York. The study: An Ecological Survey of Big Spring Creek with Effects of Hatchery Effluent was instrumental in closing one of the largest polluting state fish hatcheries in Pennsylvania.  The hatchery had polluted one of the great spring creeks in the nation, Big Spring Creek near Newville, Pennsylvania.  The stream is now returning to its former glory as one of the country’s premier trout streams.  The study also showed both the environmental and sporting community the problems associated with large flow through hatcheries. He is also a professional riverkeeper on private waters.

Gene has been featured in countless publications from the Philadelphia Inquirer to Fly fishermen Magazine.  He helped break the story nationwide of PCBs in Pennsylvania fish in 2001-2002. He has spoken as a scientist and fly fishing expert in most of the Middle Atlantic States. His commentaries and articles have appeared in a wide range of publications including The Bay Journal.

Gene is a well known fly fisherman going by the trade name “Guido.”  He is a member of many legendary fly angling groups including the Letort Regulars.  His article on the legendary fly angler, the late Charlie Fox  (Reflections with Charlie Fox) appeared in the papers of one of the oldest fly fishing groups in America, the Fly Fishers of Harrisburg (Limestone Legends published by Stackpole Books).

As an environmental scientist and consultant he works with industry, conservancies, sportsmen' s associations, and watershed groups.  He is frequently called upon by the media for scientific clarification and comments concerning important environmental issues.  He has helped many citizens’ groups in environmental problems and works closely with people who are being trampled by the system.

He has worked on many on this country’s greatest trout streams.  In 2004 he started a nonprofit organization, The Last River and Gamekeeper.  The Last River and Gamekeeper is dedicated to helping people and groups by using good science in protecting the streams, rivers, and environment.

Gene is also writing the definitive guide: The Art and Science of The  Modern Riverkeeper to aid the scientists and sportsmen in protecting their waters.